Trend for Earn From Home With Affiliate Marketing during Pandemic 2022

Trend for Earn From Home With Affiliate Marketing during Pandemic

The global pandemic introduced many people to working from home for the first time. In doing so, it also got many interested in something they’d maybe only thought of in passing — having a “side hustle”.

With no daily commute to worry about, people found themselves with more spare time than ever before — but with less things to do with it. Suddenly there was time to explore all of the ways to make money online that they’d heard of, but never tried.

And many of them, like you, discovered affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a fairly simple way to start a business online: basically, it’s a commission sales structure. You tell people about a product and link them to an online store. That specific link is unique to you — the vendor knows that anybody who buys from them after clicking that link, did so because of your recommendation. In return, you receive a small commission on the sale.

As the pandemic spills over into 2021 and 2022, should you consider affiliate marketing to make money online? What tools are best to use? And what should your expectations be?

Let’s explore.

Why you should consider affiliate marketing

Simply put, the “new normal” is going to involve a lot more time at home.

Even as vaccine rates grow and restrictions ease, societies across the globe have seen a major shift to online, out-of-office work arrangements.

What this means is, people are much more likely to be spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future. With a little more spare time and an internet connection, you can start a business online to generate passive income through affiliate marketing.

Another bonus is, since more people are online than ever before, they’re more likely to encounter your affiliate link, too. So long as you’re telling people about a relevant product, you have a solid chance of generating some real money.

It’s important to keep in mind:

Like any industry, affiliate marketing was disrupted by COVID-19. While some affiliate markets took a nosedive — nobody wants to sign up to a gym in the middle of a pandemic — others flourished, such as those for medical supplies, vitamins, and oxygen.

So in many areas, affiliate marketing actually died a horrible death. But in many others, it absolutely bloomed.

If you know of a product or service that’s in demand, that’s still accessible, and have an interest in it, you can get started with affiliate marketing and earning from home.

Get started with affiliate marketing

The best part about affiliate marketing is it’s incredibly easy to get started.

Most online retailers, from Amazon to eBay to everything in-between, have their own affiliate marketing system. You sign up, you get instructions on how to make your unique codes, and you can start. All you need is some place — preferably a website — to share your affiliate links.

But for our money, we prefer Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is easy to use, provides massive amounts of support and comes with its own dedicated training (more on that below). Unlike other affiliate programs there is a cost to it, but this covers all of the things you would need to put together yourself, such as a website, marketing, etc. Luckily, there’s a free version to get you started.

  • Education: Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the tips, tricks, and strategies to stay up to date in a rapidly developing world. Even before the pandemic, the rate of growth and change from technology alone made keeping ahead of the curve a nightmare. With WA Education, you’ll always know the right steps to take and how to trouble shoot the worst problems.
  • Websites: Your links need somewhere to go. WA lets you make a fully functioning site to house your affiliate marketing business in less than a minute. That’s crazy! No design or coding skill required.
  • Community: WA has a dedicated community of fellow affiliate marketers who can help provide tips and tricks when you get stuck.

Affiliate marketing success is possible

John saw Wealthy Affiliate and thought it was too good to be true. It couldn’t be that easy, right? But it was free to start, and he now had an extra 3 hours a day he no longer needed to spend on his commute. Why not try to make some money on the side?

John always had a lifelong love of technology, and his young son was interested in vlogging and streaming. Seeing how many people were now on zoom calls, starting Youtube channels, or streaming on Twitch, John decided to focus on technology related to streaming.

He signed up to WA with a free account and built his first site.

He followed the basic introductory course and spent a few hours a day putting everything together. To his dismay, he didn’t become a millionaire overnight. But he did find himself slowly getting traction. In fact, with a little planning, he got his first affiliate commission within the first week.

As his site grew, he got more and more affiliate sales. He paid attention to the market, to his competition — and his son. Within a few weeks, he had earned a few hundred dollars.

John decided to take the splash and get a paid WA account for the training. Within a few months, he was averaging $1000 a week supplementary income.

By choosing a relevant niche and listening to the advice in his weekly training, John was able to double his income without doubling the amount of work he was doing in life. He and his family are now looking forward to a very long vacation — just as soon as the borders open back up.

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